What is QINOpractic Medicine?

QINOpractic Medicine is a complementary and alternative health care profession with the purpose of diagnosing and treating mechanical disorders. QINOpractic uses a holistic treatment approach to recognize the body's inborn intelligence to organize, maintain and heal itself.

QINOpractic was founded by Mike Dahlstrom in 2005. QINOpractic is when knowledge, wisdom and philosophy from Chinese Medicine and Chiropractic come together with techniques from Kinesiology, Osteopathy and Swedish massage therapy into a holistic system of healing.

Philosophy and approach to healthcare:
The QINOpractic perspective reflects a holistic approach to healthcare. QINOpractic is non-invasive and recognizes the dynamics of lifestyle, environment and health. This treatment appreciates the multifactorial nature of structural, chemical, and psychological influences on the nervous system and indeed the whole body.

QINOpractic begins with the assumption that function and structure are interdependent and cannot be evaluated separately. Problems within our skeletal structure and joints cause an imbalance in the overall function of the body. These imbalances in function, disturbances in muscles, circulation, nerve function, inner organs, and glands to name a few, can lead to changes in muscular balance and overall physiological function. Structural problems, in turn, can lead to disturbances in nerve function and signal flow, resulting in biochemical changes and pain.

Chemical imbalances, negative thinking, stress, and muscular tension often lead to structural disturbances. Well-being is the result of a healthy balance between structure, psyche and chemistry.
The goal of the QINOpractic treatment is to help restore balance to the entire system.

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